Song Fa Bak Kut Teh – Chinatown Point


If I had to name one of my favourite Singapore hawker foods, bak kut teh would be one of them. The peppery garlicky goodness and the fall-off-bone tender pork ribs reminds me of the taste of my favourite instant noodle in HK (which I unfortunately cannot find anywhere else but in HK) ‘Fuku Superior Instant Rice Noodle’ from Nissin. The taste of that noodle was particularly rendolent at the one at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (indeed that’s why I love it so much!).

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (Originally at Clarke Quay) has opened a second branch at Chinatown Point! Yes, there are still queues at this one, but the perk is that it’s in aircon and more modern surrounds.


I had the original Pork Ribs Soup (large one with 4 ribs at $9, but the smaller one at $7 is 3 ribs). We also got the mee sua ($2) and the Kai Lan ($6), with sauce on the side (the vegetables taste awesome dipped into the peppery soup instead. Peanuts (small serve at $1.50). Soup was free-flow (the waiter was really nice to keep on topping up even if we hadn’t drank the soup yet!). Prices are nett!

The waitress was a bit forgetful in her order (we actually ordered the pork rib smaller portion but were given the bigger portion instead; which by the way is enough for 2 pax!), but other than that a great outlet of the original. Be aware they charge 20c for each wet tissue pack provided at the table.

Also if you can choose where to sit and it’s daytime, you might want to request inside because in the outside area at the atrium of the mall, the sky window makes for very sunny eating.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
Chinatown Point #01-04, 133 New Bridge Road Singapore 059413
Phone:6533 6128

Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm, Last order 9:15pm Daily
Closest MRT: Chinatown

Original branches
11 New Bridge Road #01-01 Singapore 059383
Opening Hours: 9am – 9:30pm (Tues-Sat), 8:30am – 9:30pm (Sun), Closed Mon
Closest MRT: Clarke Quay

17 New Bridge Road #01-01 Singapore 059386
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:45pm, Last order 9:30pm, Closed Mon
Closest MRT: Clarke Quay

McDonald’s Clubhouse Burger with Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries, Coke Float, and Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo

McDonald’s Singapore’s has a new Christmas festive menu, which I tried with the courtesy of omy Blog Club, which I tried at Dhoby Ghaut Plaza Singapura.


The Beef and Chicken Clubhouse Burger was a grilled beef patty or grilled chicken thigh burger in McDonald’s with lettuce, a slice of white cheddar cheese and tomato. The differentiating features are the two pieces of ‘bacon’ (they call it chicken bacon strips, which tastes very interesting – I suppose they have to keep it Halal…), caramelised onions, mustard sauce and a soft shiny glazed bun. Overall it was a solid burger and the caramelised onions and mustard was nostalgia of the typical Aussie Barbies back home. I enjoyed the beef burger more than the chicken one, whereas my boyfriend prefers the chicken one because it was succulent and a whole chunk of chicken instead of mince.

The burger was accompanied with Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries (from $3.25), which are plain fries with the Truffle flavoured powder to shake shake shake. It was more of the truffle smell (which wafted throughout the whole restaurant) than the taste which was a bit underwhelming. It tasted a bit like the seaweed shaker fries but without the seaweed, and a bit of truffle smell.

Coke Float (from $2.90) is coca cola with McDonald’s soft serve as a topping which provided a refreshing treat.

The Red Velvet McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits ($2.90) was nice! I mean I have always loved cookies and cream PLUS red velvet so it was a great match in my opinion… But as typical of McFlurries it was very sweet, good thing I asked for less red velvet powder.


Each Clubhouse Extra Value Meal, which includes a Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger or Beef Clubhouse Burger, French Fries (M), and a glass of Coca Cola, is available at $8.60. Top up 80 cents to upgrade to Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries and a Coke Float (S).

You can also choose swap your fries for a corn cup at no extra charge, or top up $1.20 to change to a Garden Side Salad (comprising of lettuce, red and white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn kernels and tomatoes, served with a Japanese dressing).

By the way I had the Coke Float and Red Velvet McFlurry on separate days shared with my makan buddy; as I would not recommend taking so much sugar in one go!

All the promotional items will be available in restaurants islandwide from 26 November, while stocks last.

Hougang Six Miles Muah Chee – Toa Payoh

I love to eat muah chee (which sounds a lot like mochi doesn’t it?) for the chewy glutinous rice dough doused with sweet peanuts ever since I was a kid living in HK. We chanced upon this Muah Chee stall eating at the Gourmet Paradise food court at Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

There are two flavours of muah chee, the traditional peanut and black sesame, which comes in 3 sizes – $2.50 (small, one person serve), $3.50 (medium, two people serve) and $5.00 (large, 3 people serve). This plate is the $2.50 portion with peanut. This muah chee is slightly pricier than the regular plate but this is what you get for its heritage of 60 years – more about its history here. The muah chee is hand-made and kept warm in a pot, where the dough is pulled by hand one by one rather than cut with scissors like usual. This made the morsels a bit more of a rustic cute look and rounder edges.

The warm muah chee is soft, slightly chewy and fluffy (the way I like it) with a mild sweetness (no sugar granules in this one) and an aromatic peanut powder. It is flavoured with a fried shallot fragrance, reminiscent of tau sar piah.

Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee (Stall 21)
Gourmet Paradise Food Court
480 Toa Payoh Lor 6
HDB Hub #B1-01
Opening hours: 12.00pm to 9.30pm daily

Kuvo Restaurant – Orchard, Singapore

KUVO is a new multi-concept restaurant/bar/lounge by TCC located right next to Somerset 313 with a lot less crowd than its neighbour. It was opened recently, with its name KUVO derived from the French term cuvée, which means blended batch of wines. This was clearly evident with the extensive wine chiller at the back of the restaurant and a fusion mix of Asian and Western fare. The ambience of the place is a rather fancy, spacious and sleek look with a sepia colour theme. Even the Athena cutlery exuded elegance. KUVO would be a great date or special events venue.

The KUVO Coffee Hot Wings ($14++) are large, juicy and moist with a sauce that resembled a hybrid of American buffalo wings and Singaporean coffee pork ribs. I actually did not really fancy it much as I thought the chilli kick was too intense and the sauce was too pasty and salty, with not enough of a coffee/sweet essence as I had hoped for, but RX enjoyed this dish and said that “Singaporeans would love this”. They were served with baby carrot crudités and blue cheese dip (which did help to cut the spiciness, but the blue cheese was very pungent; and I ain’t no fan of blue cheese). To be honest I wish I had ordered the new off-menu item Hokkaido scallops instead (make sure you ask for the off-menu items if you’re coming to see if they tickle your interest).

The KUVO Atlantic Cod Meunière ($38++) was the highlight of the evening for me. The cod medallion was succulent and soft, exuding a natural fresh sweetness. It paired so gloriously with the savoury sweet pea crust on top and the relishing sides of the creamy pearl barley and corn fricassee, potato gratin (hands down one of the best ones I’ve tried; how ingenious that they put thin layers of potato and orange sweet potato together?), and a citrus nutty brown butter (and vinegar?) to meld it all together. It was also accompanied with tenderly roasted asparagus, thin green beans, fine green beans, a plump cherry tomato and pickled figs for an extra tang. Props to them for serving on a heated plate too. This is truly one of the better gourmet Western dishes I’ve had in Singapore.

The Croissant Bread Pudding ($14++) is adorably cake-shaped in filo pastry with dried cranberry, salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. I loved the juxtaposition of the crunch from the filo and the soft creaminess of the croissant pudding encased within, which went well with the sauce and ice cream combo. You can tell they’re serious about food when they serve good quality vanilla bean gelato and thoughtfully covered the top and base of the saucer with crunchy nutty crumbs so that the ice cream wouldn’t come into direct contact and melt easily with the saucer. Perhaps if the caramel was less salty, and more buttery, it would’ve been perfect.
I also tried their Baileys cheesecake ($7.50++, also available for takeaway from the cheesecake counter if you want to save on the service charge) which was satisfyingly rich in Baileys (actually to my ‘alcoholic’ taste buds, it was lacking a bit, but my ‘non-alcoholic’ boyfriend said it was too much!) but the texture of the cheesecake and biscuit base was a bit too soft and crumbly for my liking (I like my cheesecake firm and cheesy like the NY style baked ones).
Service was friendly and the waiters asked about the meal and topped up water un-intrusively. I enjoyed my time at KUVO and it was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night. I hope that it’ll be a keeper in the brutal F&B scene in Singapore. (I was just looking through my to-do list (which is ever-growing and currently stands at about 100 items) and realised that some of the places are already closed permanently! (Wood Shed Cafe, Parco Cafe, just to name a few)
KUVO Singapore
#02-01, 321 Orchard Road, Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore 238866
Closest MRT: Somerset (don’t make my mistake and get off at Orchard just because it’s at “Orchard” Shopping Centre!)
Tel: +65 67338272 / email for reservations
Opening hours:
Sun – Thu: 12:00 – 01:00
Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 02:00
Eve of PH: 12:00 – 02:00
PH: 12:00 – 01:00
Prices are not inclusive of GST and service charge.

Cupplets – Clementi (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

I first discovered Cupplets when my foodie friend in Singapore posted photos of their gorgeous cakes and pastries on Facebook. I quickly looked up their location and realised it was all the way in Ngee Ann Polytechnic some kilometres away from Clementi MRT. Needless to say I never actually thought about travelling all the way there.

So when I realised they were having a pop-up stall in Aperia Mall at Lavender (12 Kallang, Atrium, Level 1, until 27 September), I rushed there after work to pick up some wet paint cookies. The stall closes at 6+pm but I pre-ordered and there was another customer going there at 7pm so they kindly agreed to wait until I finished work and could pick it up. I followed them on Facebook so I know the latest pop-up stores to get their goodies and have contact info to order.

These wet paint cookies are as pretty as a picture, a moreish, firm, sweet and gooey chocolate choc chip cookie (probably a bit too firm for my liking, but I loved how gooey the chocolate was!). The white chocolate frosting was thick and generous, soft enough to meld the cookie crumbs together as you bite in. The dried flower bits on the top and pastel colours complete the decorations.

I really liked these cookies (especially coz they’re so pretty! Yeah I’m a bit of a sucker for pretty stuff… but it tasted great too; I did need to drink some tea to neutralise the sugar though)! They’re now on offer for $3 each (regular price $5), only during the bake sale at Aperia. You can email them at on the quantity and date/time of collection if you want to do pre-orders.

535 Clementi Road, Blk 16, #01-03 Singapore (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Closest MRT: Clementi
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11.00am-6.30pm

Clinton Street Baking Company – Bugis, Singapore

I’m not usually one to want to be the first to queue for newly opened food outlets so that I can let the hype (and queues) die down, but Clinton Street Baking Company with its accolades as the best pancakes in NY from New York Magazine (twice) seriously piqued my interest. The secret is to separate the eggs and gently fold in whipped egg whites (if you have the time and mixer, there’s a recipe here). Chef-husband and wife duo Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman, opened Clinton Street Baking Company in New York City in 2011 to make the best baked goods in the city, hand-mixed in small batches.

Having brought its splendour to outlets in Dubai and Tokyo, Singapore is the lucky second in Asia. It’s within walking distance to City Hall/Bugis MRT. Having just opened yesterday (without much fanfare either), the queue when I arrived on a Sunday morning at ~10.30pm required a 45 minute wait. Luckily their efficient system allowed us to walk around the nearby Bugis malls before they called us when our table was ready. The menu is pricier than standard cafe fare being a world-famous restaurant.

In classic Southwestern American style, Clinton Street uses buttermilk in many of their dishes, like the pancakes, Southern biscuits, and chicken and waffles. It makes the floured foods taste rich, well-aerated and fluffy.

You can’t go to Clinton St. and not order their Warm Maple Butter Pancakes ($18). They have blueberry, banana walnut and chocolate chunk. I got the blueberry rendition as per the waiter’s recommendation; bouncy, thick and fluffy to the core, yet with a firm and crunchy exterior and specks of blueberry embedded within; with a rich buttery fragrance, I can understand what all the hype was about and devoured it happily.

 I reckon the pancake itself was slightly too sweet for my tastebuds though, especially with the pot of the divine warm maple butter (comfort grub at its finest) and blueberry topping. The maple butter was not really enough for me, and each extra pot is $2 more (I suppose it’s a good thing for my waistline!). The blueberry topping was luscious and chock full of tiny blueberries (I believe they are dried blueberries) with in a rich sauce that soaked through the pancakes to create ultimate blueberry goodness. True to its American style, the portion is very large, and I think that this is too filling to share between two people (if you’re ordering another item to share between the two of you) so it’s probably best to gather a few friends to share.

We also tried a not so popular item Smoked Salmon Scramble ($23). I thought this was relatively average and pricey. The scrambled eggs were generous with the house-smoked salmon, but slightly rubbery and not creamy enough (although there were sparse chunks of the scallion cream cheese). The salmon was cooked with the egg so it was not soft, but the eggs were doused nicely with its salmony oil and chopped chives. The salad was fresh and had a mild vinegary taste (luckily not dressed with oil as the meal was already quite heavy!), and the seven-grain toast was wholesome and crunchy. My partner in crime liked this dish more than the pancakes (although expectedly, as he does not have a sweet tooth at all!), as it was a light reprieve from the richness of the pancakes.

We had a Ginger ale ($5) as it was quite hot sitting at the very front of the shop next to the window (they do have an awning but the morning sun was still shining straight at the shop and it got quite warm). This tasted like a canned drink, not particularly gingery, and nothing to shout home about.

The ambience overall is relatively fast-paced and busy with a lot of hustle and bustle/noise, but comfortable seating. Service was overall quite friendly and efficient (although the waiter wanted to clear my plate when I still had a fair bit of food on it and just stopped for a bit of a rest; I suppose there is a long queue?). Going to the toilet may be a bit of an issue though as there’s only one unisex restroom available.

The unbelievably phenomenal pancakes here gives Singaporean cafes a run for their money. I spotted a cute slogan on the staff’s t-shirt “Made with Love and Butter” very apt. I definitely want to return (probably when the crowds die down 😛 if they ever do…) to try out some of the other brunch items. The eggs benny on Southern biscuits and the crispy potato pancakes look very promising. I’m glad that Singapore seems to be getting quite a lot of worldwide famous restaurants into the ever-changing food scene here (seems more so than Australia too… probably because there are so many homegrown talents in Australia though).

Prices are not inclusive of GST and service charge.

Clinton Street Baking Company 
31 Purvis Street, Singapore 188608
Nearest MRT: Bugis/City Hall
Tel: +65 6684 4845
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am to 6pm

Seaweed Ebi Burger – McDonald’s Singapore

Disclaimer: I was fed by McDonald’s and Omy Blog who kindly gave me a voucher to try the burger

On a bit of an ebi burger frenzy…

McDonald’s has launched another ebi burger today, the seaweed ebi burger. Here’s my verdict for the one I got at the McDonald’s right opposite AMK Hub:

Just like the Cereal Ebi burger, it comes with a crunchy batter and a succulent patty with a bit more starch and fewer whole prawns than ideal. There was a distinctly sweet and umami seaweed taste on the batter that took me back to the childhood days of the Ginbis animal shaped seaweed biscuits (ahh I loved those..), or Korean seaweed packets, or seaweed shake shake fries. Which unfortunately they don’t have 😦 The bun was soft like a typical Maccas bun but with a nice sprinkling of powdery corndust flakes. The sauce is similar to the Cereal Ebi burger’s sweet and spicy shrimp mayo; but instead, with a mentaiko flavour; this Seaweed Ebi burger has more of a Japanese influence than the Cereal Ebi which was undoubtedly more of a Singaporean twist.

The Seaweed Ebi Special (the ebi burger, medium sweet potato fries, and a small Coca-Cola) is available at McDonald’s Singapore from $7.45 from 17 September until 1 October. To healthify your meal slightly (and kudos to you if you can really resist those addictive sweet potato fries), opt to swap the fries for a corn cup (no extra charge), or a garden side salad of whole leaf lettuce, red and white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn, tomato and a Japanese dressing (top-up $1.20).