After having spent a considerable amount of time surfing food blogs, I was inspired to create one myself. My name is Bonnie Lau, and I had studied Landscape Architecture at university for one semester before quitting as I realised how much I disliked it. After deliberating over a range of alternative career paths, I finally decided to become a dietitian. So that would be nurturing the soul through means of food rather than the beauty of nature! It was excruciatingly difficult for me to choose, because I am the sort of person with numerous passions in life: visual art, humanities, science, language, teaching, and of course, food. I guess being a dietitian had always been one of those things that I shoved to the back of my mind (when my friend Linda had told me she wanted to do that when we were in Year 10, I had thought it was a cool career), for I had assumed I would not be knowledgeable enough in the field of science. But if one persists, anything is possible. I hope that my abiding love of food, even as a child, and inner desire to help others attain good health, will help to guide me through a fulfilling career.

But on to less weighty matters, this is a food blog that I will try to maintain amidst my studies. Some posts may be about recipes I would like to share, about particular foods I love, about my gastronomical adventures, about interesting facts on nutrition that I may have learnt… Anything related to food, really! One thing you’ll notice though, is that my food blog will be less photo-intensive than others, because I can’t call myself a pro photographer, and in all honesty, I think I’m more interested in ideas and notions than pretty pictures (although they do help!). Hopefully I will be a balance between the devout foodie who owns a yogurt maker/coffee grinder/equally as obscure kitchen gadget and has tried and meticulously reviewed every dish from every restaurant in town, and the health freak that has an obsession with counting calories and daily intake of nutrients, bans junk food and will only ever touch organic produce, and throws away the egg yolk just for the whites. Balance is the key!

I hope that I can share my journey as a foodie and aspiring dietitian with you all.

Blog+food=alphabet soup!

Blog+food=alphabet soup!


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