What’s in a name?

Why Ten Thousand Taste Buds you ask?

Well, why don’t I show you the other alternatives:

Broccoli & Chocolate : seems apt since it embodies two of my favourite foods, and catchy because they’re like binary opposites, with the healthy/unhealthy… but judging by the amount of ~~~ & ~~ (food & another food format) food blog names out there, it’s hardly original.

Lifethyme : Really, puns are quite corny…

Parsley sage rosemary and time : Simon and Garfunkel may be timeless singers, but my blog certainly isn’t a tribute to them! Maybe the notions of the herbs is very foodie, and time alludes to my stretched schedule as a university student… but I’ll be honest, I hardly use herbs.

Just another food blog : I’m sure there are plenty of food blogs out there with a similar name…

Blog of Mastication : I was just being a little cheeky and frivolous here, such an enigmatic word probably would have garnered much public interest… Nevertheless, it’s probably a little too brazen for me, and there’s more to food than chewing!

Pie in the sky : I recently found a food blog by this name. Luckily I didn’t get caught for plagiarism…

FoodBlog101 : Hands up if you think I really hit the jackpot for creativity this time?!

So you see, this really was probably the most original, catchy and befitting name, considering the premise behind this blog. Without tastebuds, the luscious sensual experience of food would be nonexistent, and the topic of health and nutrition is alluded to by this anatomical reference. There’s also this theory that while eyes may be the windows to the soul, the tongue is the window to your health (ever stuck your tongue out for a doc?). I actually didn’t know that humans had ten thousand taste buds until I conceived of this name idea and googled it up, or that some aren’t even located on the tongue! Thought that humans have the most sophisticated taste perceptions of all animals? Think again: cows have 25,000 taste buds, rabbits 17,000. Wonder how they can possibly gulp down all that disgusting grass or their own faeces (rabbits are coprophagic!) with such heightened sense of taste…


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