Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics)

From now on, I need no longer be uncertain about my future as a dietitian, for I have been offered my first preference. Two nights earlier, I was rather stunned to receive an email from QTAC during my continual updating of email. Anxiously, I opened the email. “You have been made an offer in the latest QTAC offer round.” This was something that could affect my life forever, so I was quite nervous in finding out whether or not I had made it. I opened the window, and it read:

Application For: 2008/2009 Admissions Entry

In the Mid December offer round you have been offered:
425442 – Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) – full-time – Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove Campus
Start Month: February 2009
You must respond by Tuesday, 23 December 2008.
Your offered course is currently listed at preference 1.

If you want to respond to this offer and do not wish to be considered in any further offer rounds click “Accept”
If you want to be considered for other preferences in any further offer rounds you must change your preferences before responding to your current offer, click “Change”

I pondered about this for a while, wondering whether I could just get back to it later, but decided this is the last thing I should procrastinate. I clicked “Accept”. There wasn’t quite the hesitancy I experienced last year when I clicked to accept the offer for Landscape Architecture.

You have firmly accepted this offer and you will not be considered in any further offer rounds.

There it goes. The first step taken to my future career.

I was told after I quit Landscape Architecture, that if I didn’t complete a full year of university study, my O.P. would be used. Which came as a huge relief, since I hadn’t quite performed as well in that courseĀ  (expected since I really disliked it). Despite this, I was still quite anxious about whether or not I could get in, because it is a very competitive course.

A sigh of relief. But it’s strange how I got the offer so early… it’s supposed to come out January next year I believe.

Even though, for this moment in time, I am resolute in my desire to become a dietitian, I have to admit I cannot guarantee I will persevere with it for the rest of my life. In fact, there are high chances I won’t. But what I can guarantee is that I will always enjoy food, try to live a wholesome life, and encourage others to do likewise.


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