Humorous incidents as a new nutrition student

So this week has been my first week in studying my degree. The subjects that I am studying now include Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Contemporary Public Health and Australian Health Care Systems. It’s been interesting, to say the least, and I still enjoy learning about the Biology subject the most. That said, the Chemistry is a bit of a challenge to get my logical side out, while the Public Health subjects provide a bit of relief from Science and provides a more worldly, right-brained view. I’ll try hard to learn as much as I can, avoid excessive procrastination, and… well those are my two main problems, laziness and procrastination… So yeah, will work hard!!

Comic little things that happen to a nutrition student in her orientation week.

I’m sure stuff like this happens to a dietitian on a daily basis, I’m just new to this. The amusement will fade after a while :).

Free pizza slices: nutrition student goes and grabs 3 slices, plus fairy floss and pop corn. Some random Christian uni representative comes.”Hi! What’s your name? What are you studying?” “Oh hi, I’m Bonnie, I study nutrition.” She stares down at the slice of pizza.

Accompanying her friend doing Optometry to an information session, the spectacled nutrition student helps herself to some free KFC chicken. She chuckles to her friends “Hey, I bet the nutrition information seminar tomorrow won’t be giving out free KFC.” (her friends are not amused.)

Meeting new people, the nutrition student finds out the name of her fellow student: Candy the dietitian (to-be).

Chocolate was given out as prizes in the nutrition seminar, “It’s not carrot, but it’s high in antioxidants and also increases endorphins!”

In her first Chemistry lecture, the lecturer attempts to highlight the relevance of the subject in our fields. “So the course coordinator has decided that this unit is needed for people doing Nutrition and Dietetics… we call them ‘nuts and dieters’…” And then people start laughing in amusement.

While spending some time with her high school friends in the CBD, they all go and have cake for ‘lunch’, buy 5 different Korean snacks to nibble on while loitering in Borders bookshop, and drink a sugary energy drink that was a freebie. All the while, nutrition student exclaims, “Gee, we are such bad examples of dietitian and oral hygienist-to-bes!” Staring at the Pharmacy student, “Well, drugs can cure everything!” (cough).

Corny, I know. 😛


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