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Funny. These are the phrases that people get to my blog from search engine results, of course, sifted through to find the most amusing ones. (text in brackets is my own commentary) A bit silly, but I’m getting swamped with uni work and a bit of comical humour is always nice. And there’s a cool website that can convert any mundane text such as this into a graphic design masterpiece!

Picture 1

November 2008-July 2009
November: first touch with the alphabet,  australian alphabet soup,  hello alphabet soup

December: distribution taste buds tongue, “healthy” “mind” “diet”, curry soup, rolling stones early stuff, albert einstein tongue

January: art of kagaya, taste buds on my tongue is raw (oh really?)

February: 咕嚕肉 hand writing

March: slight tongue burns, pictures of healthy/unhealthy eating for (yeah, my blog does have a juxtaposition for a fair few of those), vegemite pancakes (yuck?!), moist kitty tongue, taste buds going crazy (haha), eat explode stomach, tasting dan dan noodles, anthropology family recipe, msg at palace chinese restaurant sydney, haw [sic] to make fried rice, scallop shield with fish, is roasting marshmallow on stove bad? (I hope not. XD) , art in marshmallow (that would be lovely… creating masterpieces from melting marshmallows), “carrot used to describe incentive,potato” (what’s this? like the thing they do with donkeys?), “she inflated, and her stomach exploded.”, yum cha kitchen to seating ratio

April: roasting marshmallows on gas, burning spear, anatomy chicken ear (hm.), japanese eating teriyaki faeces (?!!), true story about taste buds at the back (tell me! oh do tell me about the true story!), manatee, 10,000 things to do with cream of mushroom (wow.), how to cure burnt taste buds (I’d like to know too. ice cream apparently, deceivingly offers no alleviation), marshmallow monkey, marshmallow explosion

May: “see through ceiling” (awesome. can that be in my bedroom?), snoppy burning marshmallow (haha, I’d like to see him do that), avoid hardening of marshmallows when roasting, exploited ginger (oh the poor ginger is getting exploited!), exploded taste bud on tongue piercing (ow), sydney haymarket greasy spoon, how long do taste buds last- 10 minutes? (what? where do people get these notions from?), edible string made of marshmallows

June: fat ginger actor, silkie chicken (and not ‘silky’.. apparently silkie is a type of chicken), oxford dictionary spelling of dietitian (I think they spell it with a ‘t’ and not a ‘c’ as the main one), one ordinary marshmallow (poor ordinary marshmallow…), vegetables hands (now wouldn’t that be nice? we can just eat ourselves!), don’t eat the marshmallows korea (why? I can just imagine somebody in slow-mo soccer defending footage of a marshmallow hurled towards Korea, protecting the country from this most ghastly monstrosity), monk kok obscure food, who roasted the first marshmallow (I’d like to know too), crab eating marshmallow, taste buds only taste pork (now that would be terrible), leaching australian seeds, tender buds chemistry blogs (yeah, little kids sure like to make chemistry blogs), first australian to roast a marshmallow, barbecue marscmellos, taiwan pancake made of rabbit poo, recipe cloud in cream (doesn’t that sound lovely?)

July: custard prestige (I can just imagine a pan of custard crowned with gold amongst a backdrop of luxurious prestige of awards), burnt rice, can chickens eat jackfruit, pasta chemistry (My first result: “Occurrence of protein-bound lysylpyrroaldehyde in dried pasta…”), make marshmallow mushrooms (doesn’t that sound adorable? When I was a kid these were two words I got confused…among many other embarrassing ones…), seafood stylists (can you imagine a crab with sunglasses, or octopus with gold studs on tentacles? I can.), images of rice in fibrous root,  how to get jackfruit resin off your hand (I’d like to know too), thousand layer pancake (what’s this?), fried tofu with molten liquid inside

Also, funny link from a discussion forum to my blog:
“purtroppo blog che parlano dei marshmallow arrostiti ne trovo solo in inglese. Perdono!!!” (translated from Italian) “Unfortunately blogs talking about marshmallow roast will find only in English. Pardon!”


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