“There is no truer love than the love of food”

I am a foodie by nature, and I loved eating so much that I decided to become a dietitian so I could talk about food all day. When I was still a teen, I loved reading food blogs, and in 2008, I was inspired to create this food blog, but life got busy and I put it aside.

Who am I?
My name is Bonnie, and I’m an Australian Chinese living in Singapore, born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia when my family migrated when I was 11. That makes me not quite an ABC, but I think of myself as one anyway (Australian Bred Chinese) – in other words, a bit of a banana (yellow outside, white inside). My career as a dietitian started in early 2013 when I moved to Singapore for a job here.

So what spurs me to start writing again? Although I can’t trump the gorgeous photography I see on more well-known food blogs (Top 20 Best Singapore food blogs), I discovered a whole new world of flavours, cuisines, new foods in Singapore I’d never seen in HK/Oz. I wanted to record down my recollection of the food that Singapore does well and remember all the things I loved. So you will notice that I do have a tendency to gravitate towards Singapore-unique foods that you can’t find elsewhere in the world. Since:

1. I write reasonably well (ahem, my friend said that…!),

2. love taking food photos (although certainly not a pro!),

3. love critiquing food (and I do admit, I have a pretty picky palate; coming from Hong Kong and growing up in Australia where I really got the best of both Eastern and Western gastronomic worlds)

4. I’m inquisitive by nature and love trying new things from all ends of the spectrum – I absolutely adore all cuisines, learning about different cultures and travelling. I love a cheap appam or Hokkien prawn mee from the hawker as much as I do fine dining, and I am not one to jump on the Instagram bandwagon that many other food bloggers seem obsessed with (although I do like my brunches/food porn, I believe food serves a greater purpose than merely making others jealous of what pretty food I eat)

5. am honest about positive comments as well as comments for improvement (I noticed that most of the top Singapore bloggers only write positive comments and I end up disappointed when I had such high expectations for what they recommended…I guess it’s because most of them are advertorials. Another blogger had highlighted this too). However, all the places/things I blog about are things/places I like or love, and that I feel that are worth a mention.

5. my daily job involves talking about food day in and out (although perhaps more in the context of health and nutrition!),

6. I love to cook as well and I like eating out partly because I want to learn how others can marry different foods to harmonise it into a well-balanced dish, so I can re-create it at home eventually… (although it’s difficult to cook often because of my busy work schedule)

7. and being a non-local who eats all the time with my Singaporean makan buddies;

… perhaps I may be able to offer a unique vantage point that other Singaporean bloggers may miss out. I’m not sure if I can fulfil such lofty aspirations but I suppose eating is indeed one of my favourite hobbies that I might as well chronicle and share in the joy!

Why tenthousandtastebuds?
The story behind the name is explained in the blog post here.

This is a food blog that I will maintain amidst my dietetic career. Some posts may be about gastronomical adventures eating my way through the world (Singapore currently as my mainstay), recipes I would like to share, particular foods I love, or interesting facts on nutrition… Anything related to food, really! Although I adore good photography, I currently don’t have the means to get a DSLR/learn how to use one, so my trusty old digital camera will suffice (Canon S100 initially, upgraded to G7X recently). I hope I will strike a balance between a devout foodie and a health conscious dietitian. Balance is the key!

Disclaimer: This blog reflects my nutrition philosophy that having a healthy relationship and enjoying all foods in moderation is more important than following a ‘perfect diet’. As a dietitian, I abide by a professional code of conduct and will only provide evidence-based nutrition information (if the blog post is nutrition-related). By blogging about different restaurants/brands, I am in no way promoting these for nutritional benefits. Any nutrition advice is aimed for the adult general public, and does not replace personally tailored advice given by your healthcare professional. Although I only blog about things I like or love, they are not necessarily recommendations, merely a reflection of my experience. All opinions on this website are my own opinion and no form of sponsorship will influence the content. Any reviews are based on my personal tastes and may be partly influenced by my nutrition knowledge. In the interests of ethical blogging, all reviews are done on anonymous visits and paid for fully by myself, excluding any sponsorships/media invitations that will be declared transparently.

For enquiries or collaborations, contact bonnie.teresa.lau@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Memo Sanchez says:

    Fun blog! I am a dietetics student in Reno, Nevada in the US. I am curious about the differences between our two programs. I notice you talk more about recipes than I would. But then again, I’m a terrible cook.

    I was in engineering when I had a similar switch of career paths (I chose nutrition).

    Oh and I definitely agree, balance is key :).

  2. bcheers says:

    I found your blog while searching for restaurants in Coogee. Well done! I’m sure you will make a great dietitian.

  3. david says:

    Dear Bonnie,

    it is good to be dietitian nowadays, i had work for more than 15 years in T, i dislike the technology and come to Thailand Farm Stay. I do some research and helped from friend’s father from the traditional family recipe to making Thai herbs sea salt. There are only very little we know about Thai food, herbs and seasoning.
    email me and i want to share with you if you can help me to develop another 40s different tastes of sea salt seasoning.

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