Hougang Six Miles Muah Chee – Toa Payoh

I love to eat muah chee (which sounds a lot like mochi doesn’t it?) for the chewy glutinous rice dough doused with sweet peanuts ever since I was a kid living in HK. We chanced upon this Muah Chee stall eating at the Gourmet Paradise food court at Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

There are two flavours of muah chee, the traditional peanut and black sesame, which comes in 3 sizes – $2.50 (small, one person serve), $3.50 (medium, two people serve) and $5.00 (large, 3 people serve). This plate is the $2.50 portion with peanut. This muah chee is slightly pricier than the regular plate but this is what you get for its heritage of 60 years – more about its history here. The muah chee is hand-made and kept warm in a pot, where the dough is pulled by hand one by one rather than cut with scissors like usual. This made the morsels a bit more of a rustic cute look and rounder edges.

The warm muah chee is soft, slightly chewy and fluffy (the way I like it) with a mild sweetness (no sugar granules in this one) and an aromatic peanut powder. It is flavoured with a fried shallot fragrance, reminiscent of tau sar piah.

Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee (Stall 21)
Gourmet Paradise Food Court
480 Toa Payoh Lor 6
HDB Hub #B1-01
Opening hours: 12.00pm to 9.30pm daily