Seaweed Ebi Burger – McDonald’s Singapore

Disclaimer: I was fed by McDonald’s and Omy Blog who kindly gave me a voucher to try the burger

On a bit of an ebi burger frenzy…

McDonald’s has launched another ebi burger today, the seaweed ebi burger. Here’s my verdict for the one I got at the McDonald’s right opposite AMK Hub:

Just like the Cereal Ebi burger, it comes with a crunchy batter and a succulent patty with a bit more starch and fewer whole prawns than ideal. There was a distinctly sweet and umami seaweed taste on the batter that took me back to the childhood days of the Ginbis animal shaped seaweed biscuits (ahh I loved those..), or Korean seaweed packets, or seaweed shake shake fries. Which unfortunately they don’t have 😦 The bun was soft like a typical Maccas bun but with a nice sprinkling of powdery corndust flakes. The sauce is similar to the Cereal Ebi burger’s sweet and spicy shrimp mayo; but instead, with a mentaiko flavour; this Seaweed Ebi burger has more of a Japanese influence than the Cereal Ebi which was undoubtedly more of a Singaporean twist.

The Seaweed Ebi Special (the ebi burger, medium sweet potato fries, and a small Coca-Cola) is available at McDonald’s Singapore from $7.45 from 17 September until 1 October. To healthify your meal slightly (and kudos to you if you can really resist those addictive sweet potato fries), opt to swap the fries for a corn cup (no extra charge), or a garden side salad of whole leaf lettuce, red and white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn, tomato and a Japanese dressing (top-up $1.20).